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Where is this year going? I didn’t realise I hadn’t posted a blog at all in 2019 so I decided to do a general one to update everyone and then I realised there was a general theme … giving up!

My last blog talked about New Years resolutions and how diets don’t work because we end up giving up. I’m pleased to say I haven’t conformed to any ‘new year, new me’ ideals this year and have continued getting to grips with intuitive eating. I am really trying to just listen to my body and eat food that makes me feel great. Our bodies really do know best and we are all born intuitive eaters, a baby will cry when it's hungry but we have lost the ability to listen from years of dieting and eating rubbish. It’s crazy to think that we have no idea just how amazing our bodies are capable of feeling but I’m certainly going to keep trying to find out.

Something that’s definitely helping me with that is the fact I still haven’t had a drink yet since giving up. Almost 7 month since I last had a drink and I really have noticed the difference. I feel so much happier and healthier and my anxiety rarely rears its ugly head now. I don’t feel like I’m missing out at parties or events one bit and I don’t waste a day hungover the day after. It’s also meant I haven’t had any Coca Cola in the last 7 month either which to be honest was probably a bigger problem for me than the alcohol. I used to get the shakes and get headaches if I didn’t have one and I was definitely addicted to it. Now I hydrate myself with as much water as I can and it makes me feel so much more energised and less bloated than Coke did.

Another thing that’s helping my body feel better is Crossfit. Over the years I have tried every form of exercise going. From boot camps to gyms to classes, you name it, I’ve tried it and always found myself giving up every time. But Crossfit is completely different. I’ve never felt so welcomed into a community before in my life and whilst I am still very unfit compared to everyone else in there, no one is comparing me anyway. Everyone is so supportive and I’ve found myself wanting to get up when my 5.20am alarm goes off and get to Crossfit. I’ve noticed my fitness improving and I’ve found a real love for exercise I didn't think was possible. So my advice to anyone who thinks they’re allergic to exercise like me is to keep trying different things until you find something you love! I never thought I’d be someone who wakes up early on a morning and wants to workout so if I can do it, anyone can!

I’ve also started a new (old) job again! As you all know, I have had a LOT of jobs. I now currently have two! I’ve gone back into supply teaching after trying out a million other options, as I’ve decided to actually use my degree and go back into teaching full time. I mean I don’t know why I ever really left a profession where I get nights off, weekends off, great holidays, maternity, sick pay, pension and get to make a difference to little humans lives. So here I am, five years after giving up teaching, I’ve decided to become Miss Dalkin yet again. I don’t for one second think it’ll be easy but I’m excited for the challenge.

Linking in with schools, I’ve also remembered how much I love religion, particularly in schools. I loved RE at school and got an A in my GCSEs and I love nothing more than belting out a good hymn (I know I’m not alone people) or helping children act out the Nativity. I also went back to my old church recently for my Goddaughters Christening and I felt so nostalgic so I have decided to do something a little different for Lent this year. From being really young, I always gave something up for Lent. Whilst my willpower when dieting has never been the best, I was always good at giving up anything for Lent. It was usually chocolate when I was a child, I wouldn’t even eat Coco Pops even though my Mam said I didn’t need to be so strict. As I got older I started to give up more and more, but as my waistline expanded, my faith dwindled as it wasn’t really ‘cool’ to believe in Jesus and give things up for Lent. I remember one year when I was drunk and had gave up chips, I went in to a kebab shop and ordered wedges instead which I thought was totally justified. Then there was the year I gave up takeaways, so going out for Indians and pizzas increased drastically over that period. So this year, instead of giving anything up, I’ll be going back to church and I’m actually really excited!

So basically all the things I’d once gave up on, I’m now giving another go - except the alcohol and coke for now! I was in a really bad place last time I was teaching and I have never exercised from a place of love before. Now I am in a much better place and feel happier and healthier than ever and now I do things that make me feel happy, without worrying about what people think. I have the most amazing supportive group of people around me who I know will help me through anything and I’m really excited for the rest of 2019 and what the future might bring. Some of those people are the incredible women reading this blog so Happy International Women's day to you and thank you for reading this blog! And if you're like me and prone to giving up maybe it's time to give something another go? You might end up loving it.