Hi guys, my names Laura and I’m the creator of Lots of Laura. I decided to create a blog to talk about my journey to find self love because I want every woman in the world to realise that she does not need to lose weight, or fit a particular stereotype to be loveable.

So how did I find it? I started to gain weight when I was in college. Too much partying and having the freedom and some of my own money to spend on whatever I wanted. Unfortunately I chose to spend it on booze and food. I kept gaining and gaining weight without worrying too much about it. But I started to realise how much other people around me worried about it. Everywhere I looked there were diets or pills or shakes promising that they could help you lose weight - and telling you how amazing you’d feel when you did.

So my 10 year battle with dieting began. I’d follow whatever diet was cool at the time. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. But nothing stuck except one. I managed to lose around 5 stone and even became a consultant for the company. But was I happy? Was I hell! Why? Because nothing had changed inside my head. Even though I’d finally got to that dream target weight (which in hindsight, was far too low for me) I still hated myself, I still hated my body. But I was convinced that if I could just lose a little bit more, be miserable for a little bit longer, then I could live my life, then I could be happy and love myself. 


But that time never came. I slowly started to regain all the weight I’d struggled to lose all those years, all the while feeling so bad about every single pound that crept back on due to the secret eating and secret binges that I felt I had no control over.

But then in 2017 something amazing happened that changed my life massively, it really was different to anything I’d ever tried before. In the April I read Mel Wells first book The Goddess Revolution, I never went back as a member after that and I left as a consultant in the July and I’ve never dieted again.

Because it made me realise that diets (healthy eating plans, lifestyle changes whatever you want to call it, if you’re being told what to eat - it’s a diet!) aren’t designed to work, they don’t get to the root of the cause of why you eat the way you do and long term it’s doing more harm than good.

I want you to ask yourself: Do you want to track everything you eat for the rest of your life? Do you want to be obsessed with a number on the scales? Or do you want to love what you see in the mirror? Do you want to eat guilt free? Do you want a healthy relationship with food rather than binge eating or secret eating or treating yourself because you’ve been so good this week? Do you want to listen to what your body actually wants rather than eating something because it’s on plan or because you have syns/points/calories left?

If you do, it’s been so simple all along but so many of us are still trying to go about it the wrong way. It’s all about your mindset, it’s not about mastering a particular diet or loosing a certain amount, it comes from within. Listening to your body. We feel out of control with food because we’ve spent so long trying to control it. Having no willpower is not a bad thing. It means you listen to what your body wants and your body doesn’t want to follow a set of rules. We’ve spend years confusing our bodies. Years wasting our lives waiting to get to a certain weight to be happy and to start enjoying our lives. We’re made to believe that losing weight will make us happy.

I’ve wasted so much of my life, my time and energy on trying to lose weight and I’ve finally realised that enough is enough. Now, I choose to spend my time wisely. I spend it doing things that really fill me up, with people I love spending time with.

Since finding self love, I haven’t lost anything but I’ve gained so much. My happiness, my lifestyle and my mental health have all improved dramatically and that to me is now worth far more than a number on the scales. Everyone is worth more than that number. So if you’re sat reading this, fed up of dieting and constantly trying to lose weight in a body that you hate, I urge you to start learning to love yourself and listening to yourself, because we’re all goddesses and we are all worthy of so much more.

Lots of love, Laura x